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Hyper Apes are NFTs generated by AI that swing between blockchains. Never bored. Powered by DALL-E and Hyperlane.

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Welcome to Multi-chain world of Hyper Apes.

Hyper Apes are created by AI, and born on different blockchain networks. Like all primates, they can swing. Swing from one blockchain to another. And then back again.

Choose a color and an accessory and let the AI give birth to your very own Hyper Ape. Choose a blockchain as a birthplace, and deliver it to another, if desired.

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Hyper Apes

Hyper Apes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper Apes are created by the DALL-E artificial intellegence. Your inputs help customize your ape.

Hyper Apes are crosschain NFTs. They can be minted on multiple blockchains and can swing between them.

Hyper Apes can be viewed on any NFT browser, wallet, or marketplace that supports the chain where your ape is currently residing.

When Hyper Apes swing from one chain to another, it actually takes two transactions: 1) to start the swing from the source chain, and 2) to complete the swing on the destination chain. For #1, you pay gas in the normal way. But you also have to send along some native tokens (ie. ETH) to cover the gas of the second transaction, the completion of the swing on the destination chain.

Apes born on Ethereum Goerli have grey backgrounds. Apes born on Polygon Mumbai have purple backgrounds. Apes born on Moonbase Alpha have red backgrounds. Apes born on Arbitrum Goerli have blue backgrounds. That's just how Hyper Apes roll.

Currently on testnets only, you can mint and swing your Apes from Ethereum-Goerli, Polygon-Mumbai, Arbitrum-Goerli, and Moonbase-Alpha. When launched on mainnet, additional chains may be supported.

Your Hyper Ape is yours. Enjoy.


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